1. I. General information1. The operator of P.T.H.U Nigra - Trans - Jadwiga i Artur Bocianowscy Rokiciny Podhalańskie 6c, 34-721 Raba Wyżna website is  The website gathers information about its users and their online behaviour in the following way: 

    a. through information given voluntarily while filling in online forms
    b. using cookie files

    II. Information in forms
    1. The website collects information given voluntarily by the user.
    2. The website may also store connection parameters (time, IP address)
    3. Information given in the forms is not available to third parties unless agreed to by the user
    4. Information given in the forms may constitute a database of potential customers. It is registered by the website operator in the registry run by Inspector General for Personal Data Protection
    5. Information given in the forms is used in accordance with the purpose of the particular form, for example to process an after-sale service request or for marketing.
    6. Information given in the forms can be shared with third parties who perform some of the required services – it applies especially to sharing information about a registered domain owner with domain operators (such as Academic Computer Centre), online payment service providers and other third parties that the website operator cooperates with in this regard.

    III. Cookies
    1. This website uses cookies.
    2. A cookie is a piece of data, particularly a text file, stored on the website visitor's hard drive which helps to improve the visitor's access to the website. Cookies usually include the name of the website they come from, their storage duration on the user's computer and a unique number.
    3. Cookies are placed on and retreived from the user's computer by the website operator.
    4. Cookies are used to:
    a. create statistics enabling the understanding of how the visitors use the website which helps to improve its structure and contents.
    b. maintain the website user's session state after logging in so that the user does not need to log in on every page of the website.
    c. create the user's profile to present relevant advertising material, especially from Google.
    5. The website uses two types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are created temporarily on the user's computer until logging out, leaving the website or turning off the web browser. Persistent cookies are stored on the user's computer and remain there for the duration period set within the cookies' files or until being removed by the user.
    6. By default, the web browser allows cookies to be stored on the user's computer. Users can change the browser's cookie settings. Web browser allows cookies to be removed or blocked. Detailed information on this topic can be found in help or browser document files.
    7. Restrictions on cookie use can limit functions available on the website.
    8. Cookies stored on the user's computer can be used by advertisers and business partners cooperating with the website operator.
    9. We recommend reading privacy statements of the above firms to get to know the rules of using cookies for statistics: privacy protection policy of Google Analytics.
    10. Cookies can be used by advertisers, particularly by Google to show ads relevant to the user's way of using the website. Therefore they may track and store information about the user's navigation through the website or time spent on each page.
    11. With regard to the information about the user's preferences collected by Google advertising, the user can view and edit cookie information using the tool:

    IV. Server logins
    1. Information about some users' activities is logged in the server layer. This data is used only for the website administration and to enable efficient hosting services.
    2. The viewed content is identified by URL addresses. Other information that may be stored:
    a. the time of submiting a request,
    b. the time of returning a response,
    c. client workstation name – identification implemented by HTTP protocol,
    d. information about errors occuring during HTTP implementation
    e. URL address of previously visited site (referrer link) – when the user was transfered to the website through a link
    f. information about the user's browser
    g. information about the IP address
    3. The above data is not associated with particular persons viewing the pages.
    4. The above data is used only for server administration purposes.
    V. Data sharing
    1. The data is shared with third parties only in accordance with the law.
    2. Information enabling user's identification is shared only with the user's consent.
    3. Website operator may be obliged to share information collected by the website with competent authorities based on a legal request in respect resulting from the request.
    VI. If users do not wish to receive cookie files, they can change web browser settings.
    To manage cookie settings choose a browser/system from the list below and follow the instructions:

    1. Internet Explorer
    2. Chrome
    3. Safari
    4. Firefox
    5. Opera
    6. Android
    7. Safari (iOS)
    8. Windows Phone
    9. Blackberry

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