Nigra-Trans is a building company implementing:

  • ready projects
  • projects that are still just an idea!

We have a team of specialsts who will take care of your project from start to finish in compliance with building regulations. We work effectively and are not affraid of a challenge. We are able to find the best solution even in the most difficult situations.
Below, we introduce various satages of project implementation:



Becoming acquainted with the client's needs and type of investment

At the first meeting we get to know your vision of the investment. We make a list of expectations and possibilities, including the financial ones.



Creating the starting offer and introducing a plan of action

At this stage we work on details of the investment. We take care of all kinds of formalities concerning, among others, land development conditions decision.



Drawing up the budget plan

We draw up the investment quote which includes the cost of labour done while executing the project as well as costs connected with preparing the design, obtaining necessary permits and organising the costruction site.



Obtaining necessary building permits

We take care of all the formalities connected with obtaining the building permit from the local authorities.



Investment implementation

After all the necessary permits and documents have been obtained, we get to the implementation of the investment. Our work is carried out within the agreed time limit and very often well before the deadline. The buildings are well-made with the use of the highest quality materials and aesteticly pleasing both inside and outside.

P.T.H.U Nigra - Trans

Tax numer: 735-24-09-358

ul.Orkana 18a/38

34-700 Rabka-Zdrój


Tel: +48 18 267 70 38



Jadwiga Bocianowska

mobile: +48 604-579-178

About the Company

Nigra-Trans provides comprehensive building services in constructing:

  • commercial buildings
  • warehouse buildings
  • large-format buildings

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